Pullman Hotel & Resort Quang Binh project: Accelerating the “finish line”

Pullman Hotel & Resort Quang Binh is currently focusing on accelerating the progress and completion of Luxury Villas Pullman.

Pullman Quang Binh accelerates construction progres

Currently, the construction units have increased manpower, material, maximum machinery and equipment, taking  advantage of each time for construction.At the same time, inspection and supervision are always given top priority to ensure progress and quality; while ensuring labor safety issues, fire prevention on the construction site …

Construction workers on the construction site

Project Overview

Pullman Hotel & Resort Quang Binh is an international 5- star standard tourism and resort complex project managed and operated by The world’s leading hotel group – Accor Hotel Group – owns and retains the rights to operate more than 5,100 hotels in 110 countries around the world.

Pullman Hotel & Resort Quang Binh has a unique coastal beach view.

The Pullman Luxury Resort is planned on an area of approximately 10ha    (including more than 5ha of project construction land and about 5ha of green infrastructure, landscape, coastal beach and other outdoor recreation services). The project is located in the east of Vo Nguyen Giap “golden road”, in Bao Ninh peninsula, Dong Hoi city (Quang Binh province), only 20 minutes drive from Dong Hoi airport.

The clear green lazy river winding hugs the Resort.

Inspired by the story of the fishing village, the fishing boat sailing of indigenous fishermen in Bao Ninh peninsula – Pullman Quang Binh has opened up an endless green space for people to harmonize with nature; each visitor when coming here will be “touched” and “enjoy” the most memorable moments in life. Hotel block scale 283 rooms, 16 floors high; Villa block includes 18 high-class villas of which 13 Standard apartments, 04 Premium apartments, 01 President apartment; Ball room 1,000 seats, Swimming pool, Lazy river, Club House, green infrastructure and other services.

As a destination representing the Modern – Dynamic – Balanced lifestyle, Pullman Hotel & Resort Quang Binh will become an architectural highlight for the new growing day by day of the coastal tourist city of Quang Binh.
Resort’s mini golf course.
Voted by the New York Times magazine as the 8th ranked destination named 52 most attractive destinations in Asia- Quang Binh is not only famous for its endless natural beauty with white sand dunes, beautiful beaches, cave kingdom (Son cave – Doong: UNESCO recognized as the largest cave in the world, En cave, Phong Nha cave: Hoang Gia Anh Cave Research Association is considered to have the top value in the world…); this place is also known as the land of literature, where ancient cultures (Dong Son – Sa Huynh, Viet – Champa, Quang Binh Quan, Luy Thay, Ngo citadel…).
View of Villa Luxury Pullman bedroom.
Going into operation, Pullman Hotel & Resort Quang Binh will continue the story of spreading the unique cultural and heritage values of Vietnam in general and Quang Binh in particular closer to international tourists and friends.

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